• Purposeful Investing

  • We put money to work to make a lasting positive impact on people’s lives.

  • Too many good businesses are undermined by the relentless drive for short-term gain.

    That’s not how we work.

What we Do

We are a private equity partnership. We invest in technology and services companies with untapped potential. They’ve usually reached the limits of what they can achieve without significant investment in people, capability and scale. We collaborate with owners to open new possibilities for their business and deliver lasting value for stakeholders and society.
Becoming part of the Acacia family means joining a creative and collaborative environment in which companies can thrive, underpinned by the financial strength, operational stability and extensive relationships that we bring.
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Our Purpose

We put money to work to make a lasting positive impact on the people we work with across our portfolio and in the wider community.
We pay equal attention to the social, financial, and environmental aspects of business operations. This gives us a holistic understanding of our companies that drives better performance. It creates greater scope to invest in the things employees really care about. It identifies critical issues that we might otherwise neglect. It fosters constant creativity in how we meet the needs of customers and communities. Ultimately, it delivers stronger returns to our stakeholders.
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