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About us

About us

As experienced operational investors, Acacia works to build successful technology businesses that deliver lasting value for stakeholders.

We see ourselves as distinct from many investment groups in several ways.

Founded in 2016, we have built a team of curious, creative, and collaborative people who bring diverse skills and experiences to bear on our work with stakeholders.

Together we have deep expertise in M&A and financial operations, brand development and communications, technology R&D and engineering, organizational design and management, business integration, legal affairs, and compliance.

We have gained this experience through many years of running technology and services businesses. It underpins how we work with business leaders to build on what's good and manage change effectively.

As independent sponsors, we can focus on building great businesses rather than managing funds. Since our foundation, we have acquired over fifteen government and commercial technology companies and today have three thriving platform businesses in our portfolio.

We hand-pick investment opportunities and only invest when we know we can add genuine value and create superior returns. During the deal phase, we work to ease the acquisition process for business owners and design capital structures that align with their aspirations and our agreed strategy for their business.

Once we've decided to invest, we work to close deals at pace so that we can get on with the job we like best – building exceptional businesses that great people want to work for and with and that create lasting value for owners, employees, clients, and communities.

How we work

How we work

At Acacia, we aim to demonstrably strengthen the businesses we invest in.

To us, that means creating the conditions for long-term growth. We believe this is as dependent on culture, engagement and leadership as it is on process, capability and sales – to retain employee, client and partner commitment by creating great experiences and new opportunities.

The Acacia team is hands-on in working with portfolio companies to achieve a consistent set of objectives. By taking care of these things, we build authentic value that delivers stronger returns to stakeholders.
Creating strategic clarity and direction.
Empowering leaders to shape resilient and collaborative cultures.
Building teams of highly skilled, engaged and motivated people.
Creating compelling brands that inspire employees, clients and partners alike.
Advancing technological capability and IP, both organically and through intelligent acquisition.
Pursuing excellence in client engagement and service delivery.

Our investment focus

Our investment focus

Acacia’s investments are focused on businesses that can benefit from or deliver digital transformation through innovative products and services.

By digital transformation we mean the intelligent integration of secure and proven technologies that change the way people work for the better: liberating them to solve problems faster, create great experiences for their clients, and build genuine brand value.

We work with product and services businesses serving government and commercial clients. They have usually reached the limits of what they can achieve without greater investment in leadership, scale and innovation.

We consider opportunities that meet one or all of these criteria:

  • Businesses with up to $300M in revenue and up to $30M of run rate EBITDA.
  • Proven, differentiated product IP.
  • Strong market reputations and go-to-market strategies, with recurring revenue models.
  • Demonstrable track record of excellence in client delivery.

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Our values

Our Values

At the heart of our approach is the discovery and empowerment of business leaders who share our values.


Collaborative & Creative

Listening with open minds and solving problems together.

Accountable & Authentic

Assuming responsibility and building trust through honest relationships.

Far-sighted & Flexible

Pursuing intelligent strategies and adapting to change.

Empathetic & Expert

Showing true understanding and acting with sensitive authority.