We are experienced operational investors working to build successful businesses that deliver lasting value for stakeholders.

About us

We see ourselves as distinct from many investment groups in a number of ways.

First and foremost, we are operators. Team members have spent many years running technology and services businesses. We understand how best to work with business owners and leaders to build on what’s good and manage change where it’s needed.

Most investors are market agnostic and capital structure specific. We are the opposite. 

Working only in sectors we know best, we design capital structures that best fit the aspirations of owners and our agreed strategy for their business. We are efficient in our diligence, are unfazed by complexity and work to ease the acquisition process for entrepreneurs.

Once we’ve decided to invest, we work to close deals at pace so that we can get on with the job we like best – building exceptional, purposeful businesses that great people want to work for and with, and that have a lasting positive impact on their local communities.

Our Approach

Over the years, we’ve seen too many good businesses undermined by the relentless drive for short-term gain.

That’s not how we work.

We build the conditions for long-term, sustainable success.

That means nurturing and incentivizing people, advancing capability through R&D and acquisition, and taking good care of employees, customers and partners as the best way to boost innovation, productivity and growth.

Innovation is at the heart of our investment approach. We invest in skills development and technology IP that align with what public and commercial customers are trying to achieve, and which we apply across our portfolio. Our IP typically has value as both stand-alone software and as differentiators for our services investments. We see this as the route to creating technically differentiated offerings that maximize stakeholder value.

Our Values

As a values-driven business, we have defined the behaviours by which we work as a team, and that we expect from others.

  • Open minds are welcome. Closed doors are not.
  • No lone wolves. We collaborate to get things done.
  • Our word is sacrosanct. When we commit, we do what we say.
  • Listen first. Mutual empathy and respect are inviolable.
  • Debate drives decisions. No one has a monopoly on wisdom.
  • Keep short accounts. We deal with issues swiftly, directly and honestly.
  • Curiosity and creativity, with discipline. We need both to learn and to act.
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