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Posted on 
29th July 2022

Fostering innovation - The Acacia approach

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At Acacia, we are committed to cultivating innovation across our portfolio. Our investment in meaningful and scalable IP has been transformational for some of our portfolio companies, enabling them to compete successfully with larger businesses. Digital innovation remains at the forefront of how we make a real difference for portfolio company clients, business owners and their teams and our co-investors.

The story of Altitude and SHIFT– two unique cloud technologies - exemplifies our approach. We have invested in their development within Applied Insight, one of Acacia’s leading federal technology platforms. This has equipped AI with unique capabilities that deliver major mission impact and act as a spearhead for new client relationships and growth opportunities. AI has amongst the best technical talent in the industry. We’ve worked closely with them to establish a distinct product development organization within AI, develop the technology roadmap and build market awareness of these technologies across Acacia’s networks in government and industry.

The results have been remarkable. Altitude and SHIFT position Applied Insight as the only company capable of rapidly scaling secure cloud environments and emulating the restricted cloud regions widely used by US national security agencies. These technologies transform how AI’s customers use the cloud to achieve mission advantage. They are enabling a new generation of remote staff to work securely on government programs. They are accelerating the development and delivery of mission-critical cloud-enabled software. They are expanding federal agency access to the latest commercial innovations and enabling seamless connectivity in complex hybrid computing environments. Both technologies are proving themselves in the market and giving Applied Insight a competitive edge on major new business opportunities.

The success of integrating Altitude and Shift within Applied Insight validates Acacia’s approach to fostering innovation, and we’ll continue to sponsor their development. Meanwhile, Acacia continues developing new IP-enabled investment strategies, dedicating resources to finding and backing entrepreneurs and innovators, enabling them to realize their vision with access to capital and new markets that we can provide inside our portfolio.

Watch our short film to learn the whole story of Altitude and SHIFT from the people behind their success . If it inspires you to get in touch, we’d be delighted to talk to you about how we could collaborate in taking your innovations to the next level.