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Posted on 
20th January 2021

A New Chapter for Column and Highmetric

the Column/Highmetric leadership team

Signaling Our New Mission

It won’t surprise you that, as a technology company, we’ve been reflecting on what the global events of 2020 really mean for our customers, our partners and our business. As we’ve worked with clients to help them handle so many once-in-a-lifetime challenges over the past 12 months, one thing seems clear to us – the role of IT, both as a function and a set of capabilities, has shifted fundamentally and for the good.

While it’s easy to generalize, in our conversation with clients we have been struck by a much broader acceptance, particularly among the C-Suite, that IT has a critical role to play in helping organizations embrace change and pursue new opportunities. There’s a growing understanding that IT should be recognized as a growth driver by connecting people, creating great experiences and accelerating innovation.

Here at Column and Highmetric, we’ve long believed in the promise of technology and supported the IT teams that help transform how organizations work. It has been rewarding to see that become more widely appreciated over recent months, and that mindset continues to spread. It’s also given us new ideas about what more we can do to help our clients close the gap between what they need to do and what their technology can do, and realize the full potential of their technology investments.

Ultimately, we feel that the greatest value we can bring is to lead clients to a point where their IT systems are working together as one agile unit, aligning goals and approaches of people in different lines of business. It’s an approach we call Enterprise Operations, and its goal is to be transformational. Instead of customers jumping through hoops, they can get what they need in seconds. Instead of employees getting tangled in red tape, they can get to work solving problems collaboratively. Instead of IT governance being an obstructive gatekeeper, it can free people up to pursue new opportunities while remaining secure.

Over the coming weeks, we are going to be expanding on this story as part of a new chapter in our company’s development. It signals a renewed mission to deliver on technology’s promise together with our key partners - some of the world’s leading innovators - like ServiceNow, Sailpoint, Atlassian, AWS, Okta and AppDynamics. More than anything, it means an even deeper commitment to be a trusted advisor to our clients, helping them align their technology strategy with their business objectives and deliver on the unprecedented opportunities that lie ahead.

We’re excited to be on this journey with our clients and partners, and look forward to sharing more of our approach with you.