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Posted on 
2nd June 2020

Forcepoint Podcast: The Power of CSfC with Dylan Conner

Dylan Conner, CTO for ID Technologies and President of its Archon Division, recognizes the power and yet complexity of CSfC.  Bad actors are not bound by policy constraints and can take advantage of the latest technology.  In order for us to compete, we need to truly commercialize this technology making it more scalable and usable to mission-focused environments.

Dylan Conner will discuss the value and opportunities for automation across the solution stack for product ordering, management, provisioning, and Certificate renewal.  Dylan will likewise discuss ways to make the accreditation cycles shorter and last longer using open source technologies.


Episode Table of Contents

  • [02:03] The Power of CSfC as a Commercial Solution for the Classified
  • [06:25] A Much Broader Skillset
  • [11:32] The Benefits of CSfC in Action
  • [17:15] An End-To-End Solution Secured by the Power of CSfC
  • [21:13] A Resurgence of Interest in the Power of CSfC

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